Guitar Pedal Guide for Beginners (Effect Types & Tips)

guitar pedal guide

It’s virtually impossible to wrap your head around all the different tones that have been created since the invention of the electric guitar almost 100 years ago. Have you ever wondered why that is?  After all, a guitar only has six strings. How many different tones can a guitar really produce?  Thanks to guitar effects … Read more

20 Incredible Ways Music Affects Your Brain

how music affects the brain

Whether you prefer the soulful sounds of R&B, punishingly aggressive metal, jazz, classical, or anything in between, there’s no doubt that music has profound effects on how we live our lives. For years, scientists have studied how music affects the brain, and they’ve discovered some incredible connections between music and the brain.  We’ve spent hours … Read more

The Top 10 Best Wah Pedals for Guitar in 2021

best wah pedals for guitar

Whether you call it a wah pedal, a wah-wah, or anything in between, the wah is perhaps the most iconic and widely used guitar effect in music history. From Jimi Hendrix to Zakk Wylde, countless legendary axemen have leveraged a wah in their music to achieve their signature tones.  If you’re new to playing guitar, … Read more

10 Best Volume Pedals for Guitar in 2021 [Gear Guide]

best volume pedals for guitar

Volume pedals certainly don’t have the appeal of other effects pedals, like a wah, chorus, or distortion. But if you ask any gigging guitarist with a pedalboard which guitar pedals they couldn’t live without, they’ll tell you that the humble volume pedal is one of them. Using a volume pedal puts you in control of … Read more

8 Best Guitar Sustain Pedals in 2021 [Buying Guide]

best guitar sustain pedals

Do you notice how no matter which piece of guitar equipment you’re shopping for, be it a guitar, amplifier, or new effects pedal, the manufacturer is always talking about sustain? For guitarists, sustain is like the lifeblood of your sound. Without it, your notes and chords would decay out quickly, robbing you and your audience … Read more